Eriu just made fun of me because I’ve never seen… “snow” or whatever the hell that stuff is that falls out of the sky and happens to be white.
That and the fact that I want chickens. Though, not just any chicken…these chickens.

*smirk* I was not making fun of you for it.  What was it you said to me about laughing?  “I’m not laughing at you, baby. It’s just some of the things you do are fucking cute.”
I still can’t believe you want the ‘fluffy’ chickens. We’ll get them.

*rolls eyes* Yeah, sure you weren’t laughing at me. Of course I want the fluffy ones…they’ll go nicely with the dramatic cows. Also, I don’t know how this snow thing works…I don’t know if it will melt as soon as I step foot outside or not..

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    *beams and pulls her into his arms* So am I, baby.. *gazes down at her adoringly* I’m just glad you’re not extremely...