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The ones that make it into the hallway are the ones that make it to the trash. However, I’m very happy that you find both of those sexy *smirks* I love watching you read..correction…I love trying to break your concentration when you read. *beams*

I’m going to get you Julia Child’s My Life In France. I don’t think I’ll be seeing that one flying across the room or into the hallway. Granted, that just means less growling and other attempts to break my concentration. *winks* I think my favorite tactic of yours is when you watch me before just plucking the book out of my hands, lean over me and kiss me as you set the book on my nightstand.

*grins wickedly* Mmmm…book on the nightstand and your legs wrapped around me. That’s one of my favorite tactics too. That or moving to the end of the bed, my fingertips barely brushing along your legs and pinching your heels. No, pinching your arches and meeting your stern gaze as you peer over the edge of your book. Then kissing my way up you leg to the inside of your thigh, between your hips and up your torso. I snatch the book and toss it to the floor as I make my way back down between your thighs.

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    *smirks and heads up the stairs, turning and grinning playfully* Better hurry. Not going to throw herself, your wife.
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    *narrows his eyes, grinning deviously* Fuck the book, I think I have a wife that needs to be tossed onto my bed..